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Strategies for Creating or Re-energizing Your Blog-Part 2
Apr 2015

Strategies for Creating or Re-energizing Your Blog-Part 2

STRATEGY #2: Generate Traffic with Relevant Keywords

Don’t let your eyes glaze over. We’re not even going to mention those dreaded three little letters. Okay, we will, but only to reassure you that you don’t have to know anything about SEO in order to start improving your search engine ranking.

Look, there’s just no getting around it. When consumers are in need of information, they check Google (or whatever search engine they prefer, but there’s a reason “Google” has become a verb).

By using the same keywords in your blog post that your potential customer would likely type into a search engine when seeking information on the kinds of products/services you offer, you are – ta-da! – optimizing for search.

Every post containing helpful information is another opportunity for your site to be discovered. It’s the most cost-effective lead generation system you’ll find.

See you here tomorrow morning for Strategy #3.

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