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Referral Idea Starters-Part 3
May 2015

Referral Idea Starters-Part 3

As mentioned yesterday, referrals can be challenging. Here’s the one challenge you should encourage:


You not only want your salespeople to meet a quota for referrals; you’d like them to exceed it. Set up a contest or challenge as an incentive to do so.

Here’s one example of a challenge you can easily implement:

  • For every referral sale over quota, the salesperson gets to roll a pair of dice. S/He then receives $100 multiplied by the value of the dice (maximum roll of $1,200)—adjust these numbers depending on your product line.
  • Make a big production of the dice roll, inviting the whole sales team to see the roll. Award the cash as soon as the number is determined. This will help to energize everyone for the next challenge.
  • Run the challenge monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

There are loads of variations on this theme. Call the WhiteHOT team at (609) 577-4314 for additional information on creating a referral program specific to your business.

WhiteHOT, Inc. is led by owner Phil Clouser, a seasoned creative director with over 25 years in sales and marketing. Whether you’re doing a full-blown campaign or a single project, we do it more competitively than the big agencies. That’s the advantage of our streamlined, boutique approach. We are aggressive as well as responsive. We’ll meet with you, analyze your goals and expectations, design your project, and expedite it before the “big guys” assign a team and traffic number. Call Phil today at 609-577-4314 to get the best value for your money, without the aggravation!

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