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Referral Idea Starters-Part 2
May 2015

Referral Idea Starters-Part 2

In yesterday’s post, we talked about referrals, beginning with a few statistics you probably found interesting, if not surprising.

You may recall that we said that today’s Referral Idea Starter would focus on a four-letter word, and that word is…GIVE!


First, lead by example by following these suggestions yourself. Then encourage your employees to make their own emotional investment in the community. Underscore the fact that sales conversion rates of referrals are significantly higher than that of walk-ins or cold calls. Share the statistics from yesterday’s post to demonstrate the benefit of spending time building the relationships that can lead to referrals.


  • Join local business organizations and trade associations. Get to know your colleagues and competitors, as well as others in complementary businesses. When you can’t serve a prospective customer’s needs, refer them to a fellow member. Reciprocal referrals will come your way when you show you are there to help other businesses succeed.
  • Engage with your prospects and customers outside of your personal business interest in them. Keep a list of birthdays and anniversaries, the names of their children and pets—whatever you learn while interacting with them.
  • Send a handwritten note card with a personal message when a special occasion arises. Just as “know-like-trust” is the key to conversions, personal engagement is the key to “know-like-trust.”
  • Spread the word about special promotions you are running where money or prizes can be earned by referring a friend. A message letting someone know they can win cash or prizes is a welcome change from a straight-up solicitation of business.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the WhiteHOT team at (609) 429-2972 for additional information on creating a referral program specific to your business.

Next Installment: Referrals can be challenging, but there’s one challenge you should encourage! We’ll explain tomorrow.

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