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How to Create a Memorable Brand
Jul 2015

How to Create a Memorable Brand

We live in an ad-cluttered world. In order to stand out, you must create a memorable brand. A brand is essentially who you are and how you differ from the competition. Done successfully, your brand will create a loyal customer base.

What goes into a brand?

Let’s start with your logo.

A strong logo symbolizes your brand. Remember that effective logos do not have to be explained (e.g. the Nike swoosh, the apple for Apple computers and the blue bird for Twitter). Color matters. You might accept a pink logo for a moisturizer but not for a car. Design is a great way to communicate your business. For instance, if you sell homes and you can incorporate a roofline in your logo that would underscore a main message of your brand.

Next, write a tagline for your business.

This is where your brand promise is articulated. It is a memorable phrase that sums up the experience your customers get with your brand. Examples: “The happiest place on earth.” (Disney) – “Just do it.” (Nike) – “You’re in good hands.” (Allstate). Include the business’ unique selling point. Create one if you don’t have one. (For example, though all specialty coffee is grown on mountainous terrain, Folgers is the only one saying it’s the “mountain-grown” coffee.) Keep your tagline short, under 7 words if possible. “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands” is 8 words, but still works because it is easy to repeat.

Getting Your Brand “Out There”

Now that you’ve developed your brand, you need to establish it in the mind of your consumers. You do so through comprehensive – and continuous – advertising, marketing, PR and social media campaigns.

Advertising: Develop ads featuring your brand identity (product, logo, tagline) and place them in the media read by your consumers.

Marketing: Use direct mail and email campaigns with coupons and the opportunity to request product samples (if appropriate).

Public Relations: Send out press releases, book managers or company spokespersons at speaking engagements, make charitable contributions or do corporate sponsorships – ensuring that your brand is prominent.

Social Media: Maintain a website, write blogs about your product and your industry, engage with customers, prospective customers, and influencers through your Facebook business page and tweet about specials. You also can do smartphone-related promotions for in-store couponing.

Monitor Your Brand’s Reputation

Once your brand is “out there,” you have to monitor it closely to make sure that it is mirroring the messages you intend to communicate. Be ready to respond to any adverse publicity or off-message marketing that surfaces. Reinforce your brand image through repeated communications.

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