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Bigger is Not Always Better
Jul 2015

Bigger is Not Always Better

Bigger is not always better

…when it comes to your ads!

Traditional thinking says “Dominate the page!”

News Flash: We’re not marketing in a traditional environment any longer!

So…what’s the easiest way to save money on your advertising? The answer may surprise you – especially coming from an ad guy:

Trim your ads

Easier said than done? Absolutely not. Here’s my 5-point plan for making more of your existing print ad budget – or maybe even cutting it a bit, while still getting the “bang for the buck” you’re looking for.

  1. Highlight the main message in your current ad and run just that
  2. Replace a photo with an attention-grabbing headline
  3. Replace the coupon that’s taking up space with a URL that leads to a printable coupon
  4. Consider using a headline with your web address and/or your tagline to stand alone as an ad, or…
  5. Add a QR code that, when scanned with a smart phone, takes the reader to a specific page on your website – just make sure your website is optimized for mobile (we can help with that)

What are the advantages of shorter ads?

  • The first and most obvious is that they are, by virtue of their size, less expensive to buy
  • They encourage you to sharpen your message – and in this age of short attention spans, this can only help you
  • It’s an easier read for consumers – and thus could be more effective
  • Smaller ads can be run more frequently than large ads for the same price

One last thought – and perhaps the most important one:

Test out the new ad

Ads – of any size – are only worthwhile when they work. Evaluate the effectiveness of a smaller ad the same way you evaluate your traditional ad program to make sure it is working for you. Just be sure to give it enough time and exposure before making any adjustments.

WhiteHOT, Inc. is led by owner Phil Clouser, a seasoned creative director with over 25 years in sales and marketing. Whether you’re doing a full-blown campaign or a single project, we do it more competitively than the big agencies. That’s the advantage of our streamlined, boutique approach. We are aggressive as well as responsive. We’ll meet with you, analyze your goals and expectations, design your project, and expedite it before the “big guys” assign a team and traffic number. Call Phil today at 609-577-4314 to get the best value for your money, without the aggravation!

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