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Referral Idea Starters-Part 4
May 2015

Referral Idea Starters-Part 4

If you’re just joining us for this 7-part series on generating referral business, you may want to start at the beginning.

To keep the goodwill going, remember to…


A “thank you” can take many forms. Do what makes sense for your business and the types of customers you have.


  • A handwritten letter or card is always appropriate. Avoid the email “thank you,” as it can be perceived as less personal. People receive so few personal notes by U.S. Mail today, yours will stand out—and they may even keep it around for a while, where others will see it.
  • Host a party to thank those who referred their friends to you. This is a great opportunity for customers and prospects to meet; talk will naturally flow into how wonderful and generous your company is. A barbecue, block party, or picnic work well; the more informal the gathering, the more people tend to mix.

Here’s one way it can work:

  • Customers get a raffle ticket for each prospect they bring. Raffle tickets are entered into a drawing for prizes (gift certificates good for products or services your company sells, donated prizes from other local businesses—especially if there’s a natural tie-in with your own offerings, or whatever works within your budget).
  • Several prizes can be awarded. Consider having a separate, less extravagant drawing or two for prospects, perhaps with a prize that can be easily shared with the person who referred them. This may include dinner for four to a local restaurant, a fun excursion somewhere, etc.
  • Include food and music in your event, culminating with the prize drawing(s) at the end.

(NOTE: Check with state laws, but if there is no purchase necessary to enter, you likely won’t be bound by raffle guidelines.)

See you back here tomorrow with Part 5!

Can’t wait? For more information on creating a referral program specific to your business, call the WhiteHOT team at (609) 577-4314.

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