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Obtaining and Increasing Referrals
May 2015

Obtaining and Increasing Referrals

What’s the most powerful selling tool? REFERRALS!

Here are four ways to Obtain & Increase Your Referral Business:

1. Put yourself in the right frame of mind. Certainly you don’t feel squeamish about giving referrals to businesses you know, like, and trust. Why would you be reluctant to ask for them from people who know, like, and trust you? Let your customers and other contacts in the community you serve know that you value their referrals – and then earn them by providing quality and excellence.

2. Make it a habit. (a) Set aside time every day to seek out referrals. Commit to making five phone calls, hand-writing five notes, and/or having five in-person conversations each day. Just five contacts a day, every day, will make a significant difference in your sales success. (b) Work it seamlessly into your day by responding to every compliment with a thank you and a request for a referral. (c) Jot a note in your meeting preparation notes to “Ask for referral.”

You’ll be surprised how quickly asking for referrals can become second nature if you practice it every day.

3. Give and you shall receive. (a) Refer your prospects and customers to local businesses, and local businesses will likely reciprocate. (b) At networking events, introduce two contacts with common interests or complementary businesses. (c) Recommend a trustworthy contractor or babysitter to the new neighbors.

Helping to build mutually beneficial relationships reflects well on you and should be a critical component of any referral program.

4. Always thank the person giving you a referral. A phone call, card, or even an email will go a long way toward building a long-lasting relationship with those who’ve helped spread the word about your business. Common courtesy is no longer so common; your thoughtful followup will stand out and make a positive and lasting impression.

Stay tuned! In the coming days, we’ll be providing concrete examples of innovative referral programs that have worked for our clients.

If you simply can’t wait to get started, call Phil Clouser at WhiteHOT today at (609) 429-2972 . We’ll help you create and roll out an effective referral program right away!

WhiteHOT, Inc. is led by owner Phil Clouser, a seasoned creative director with over 20 years in sales and marketing. Whether you’re doing a full-blown campaign or a single project, we do it more competitively than the big agencies. That’s the advantage of our streamlined, boutique approach. We are aggressive as well as responsive. We’ll meet with you, analyze your goals and expectations, design your project, and expedite it before the “big guys” assign a team and traffic number. Call Phil today at (609) 429-2972 to get the best value for your money, without the aggravation!

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